Leased Tag Group not working properly on Query Tags when a change is made to the Tag Properties

I am having an issue where certain query tags are not being leased properly when displayed in a Perspective session. All of my tags are returning datasets with various rows and columns. This is working properly when I create the tag with the proper settings first and then bind to Perspective Components. However if certain changes are made to the Tag configuration, the leased driven tags will stop working properly.

For example I have noticed a few issues.

  1. If I address the tag binding such as [default]tagName.value the leased group will not execute properly. However addressing the tag as [default]tagName[0,0] or just [default]tagName it will work properly.

  2. (Main Issue 1) If I modify the query in the tag config somehow like adding a column, the leased group will stop working properly when I make the change. A work around I have found is to correct this, is to manually edit the tag binding using the .value method and then change back to the proper address or just remove the binding and re-bind. This works if only 1 component is bound to the tag

  3. (Main issue 2) I have several components across Perspective views that bind to various columns in my tag, that were previously part of a Direct Tag Group. I want to change these to a Leased Tag Group, but the leased execution does not work properly when I switch the Tag Group in the config. It seems like I must go around and remove all bindings that reference the tag and then rebind the tags for the leased tags to work properly. Same issue as #2 if multiple components are involved. This is very cumbersome.

Is there a better way to approach this??

I am using a Leased Tag Group of 5sec and 1sec leased. I have verified that the queries execute in the proper time, and the Execution Mode is set to Tag Group.

I think you are blazing a trail here. I've never seen leasing using for anything but OPC tags. :man_shrugging:

You might want to get support involved, as it sounds like a subtle bug due to unanticipated usage.

Thanks for the advice, I expected this could be an issue. I will try that path out.