Leased Tags not going off scan

Hi, I have set up 3 different leased scan classes to poll at different speeds.
LeasedFast 500ms/2000ms
Leased 1000ms/10000ms
LeasedSlow 5000ms/30000ms

I have been having pretty terrible communications issues between Ignition and an Omron NJ PLC using the Omron Driver.

While i’ve been trying to work through potential issues, I’ve been keeping a close eye on the Ignition Status -> OPC Connections page.

I’ve noticed that when i have no clients or designer open, i still have a few thousand tags being scanned on Leased scan classes at the FAST rate.
It was my understanding that the tags would only scan on the FAST leased rate, if they were open in a window, and they would switch to the slow rate as soon as the window is closed.
Is this the case? Is there an added “Cache Time” where leased tags will stay on the fast rate for a time (say 5min) after the window has been closed?

I’m not going to jump to the conclusion that this is the cause of comms issues, but it does seem pretty detrimental that a few thousand tags don’t seem to be changing back to the slow leased rate

Also how come there is no “Diagnostics” link next to the Device in Gateway Configuration ->Ignition OPC Server->Devices?

I’ve seen requests to post this information in the forums. Is it not available for the Omron NJ Driver?