LeasedActivationStrategy 'Invalid activation token'

I have installed the Ignition Maker Edition as a docker container.

Unfortunately from time to time the license turns invalid. It does not happen at the same time of a day and sometimes for the duration of multiple days the license is valid.

Before the license turns invalid I see multiple statements of the following in the gateway log

Received error when trying to get server nonce. Request ID: 'd8fd5b1e-9dd1-4311-a9b5-598d75c35c0f', Code: '2', Message: 'Invalid activation token'

Each time I can solve the problem by inactivating the license on the gateway and regenerate the activation token.

After adding this information to the gateway everything works perfectly until the license turns invalid again.

How can I permanently solve the problem?

How are you applying the license key and activation token in your Docker container? Are you applying them via environment variables IGNITION_LICENSE_KEY and IGNITION_ACTIVATION_TOKEN? Or are you not using those at all and just inputting them through the gateway web interface? My main concern is that you're not trying to do both--in that situation, a gateway restart would revert them back to the env-var settings, which at this point are invalid.

I am just inputting them through the gateway web interface.
Strangly the license is invalidated even without a gateway restart or a new creation of the docker container. On the status page of the gateway I can check the uptime and it shows a duration of days or weeks.
But I will use the environment variables and see if it will solve the problem but I guess not.

I didn't mean to suggest that using the env vars would solve the problem--mainly just wanted to rule out a possible conflict (if you were trying to do both) that I thought could stage this kind of failure scenario.

It might be worth turning the LeasedActivationStrategy logger to TRACE to see if you can get any additional insights leading up to that failure.

One other thought, you might consider changing your password on your IA account. I'm assuming there is no shared access to where someone else might be resetting your activation token from underneath you?