Leave staging for a long development time

Are there any drawbacks to making changes to a gateway in a redundant system and leaving those changes for 1-2 weeks before publishing them.

This is in reference to a redundant system with many clients that are all operating during this time window. Clients will start and shut down and there could potentially be failures of the primary and/or backup gateways. So I guess my question is how bullet-proof is the staging project to any and all failures and is there any risk of losing work?

We are using a sprint cycle where tasks are staged for up to two weeks (sometimes three) before it is published for the end-users. Ignition is very solid so there are very few times when the master server goes down and the redundant server picks up (even then, it is so rare, I cannot think of the last time it happened). We have never lost any staging work done: the redundant server is updated almost instantly.


Technically, there isn’t really any difference in regards to how resources are treated between staging & published in redundancy. The changes get synchronized as soon as possible. So no, I don’t see any real risk in not publishing for weeks.