Left-Side Tabs in Perspective?

I’m pretty sure Vision allowed you to change your tab orientation for containers but I’m having trouble finding something similar in Perspective. I’d like to have left-side tabs on the main screen of my Perspective page. Is that available out of the box or would I need to get creative with docks to do something similar?

Pretty Standard (top, bottom, left, and right are all options. You can even decide the priority of left and top. You can also do it with flex containers and breakpoints. webpleb has some great youtube videos on layout for ignition.

The Perspective Tab Container does not have a “side-oriented” layout. Docked Views are probably going to be your best bet if you want the tabs available for more than one page.

Are you looking for tabs where the text is rotated and displays from bottom-to-top, or are you looking for stacked tabs? If you’re looking for stacked tabs, you might just want to use the Menu Tree. If you want rotated text, you’ll need to build your own View and handle the clicks yourself.