Legacy notification issue in 7.8

I am working on a new project and the issue that I am seeing is that the legacy notification no longer disregards quality change events. An example is if I put a tag in alarm, then disable/re-enable the tag, it resends another alert. This was not the case in 7.6. To setup this “new” project, I basically just installed 7.5, added a few notification profiles, and then restored it to 7.8.

This may be the case in 7.7 also, because a former customer mentioned it to me a few weeks back. If I remember correctly, he noticed it when making changes to udt’s. Basically, in his situation it would resend thousands of alarms that had already been sent out when he would make a small change on a widely used udt.

I know that this is “legacy”, just hoping that this can be fixed because I know quite a few customers that are still using this legacy notification and have spent significant money and time developing screens and scripting to use the legacy system, because of its ease of use since all of the data resides in the database. It looks like the pipeline system is getting pretty close to getting where we can do everything from a client like we used to be able to with the legacy notification system.


There has been a bug ticket created for this exact issue and the milestone for the ticket is going to be in the Ignition 7.7.6 release. There is also a request ticket to push the fix into the 7.8 series of Ignition as well.



Wanted to refresh this thread. from my understanding, editing a tag or UDT and then applying the changes refreshes the tag. This causes it to drop the current value and poll the source for a new value.

Now, from what I read in this thread it sounds like future releases will mitigate this tag refresh where it drops the current value and polls for a new value?