Legacy upgrade - internal error

I’ve searched the forums and can’t find a solution for this. When I try bringing a FactorySQL project into Ignition through the legacy upgrade feature, it looks like it works but then displays a page with only “Internal Error” displayed. What am I doing wrong?

I should add that I’ve read the thread “Upgrading from FactorySQL (when problems arise)”. I tried the converter program to take the FSQL system backup file and convert it to XML. When I try using the resulting XML file, Ignition says “Loading project from XML… Done.” and at the top it says “Processing…” with a circle spinning around, and it never stops or finishes. I left it last night at that state before leaving and it was still like that when I got here in the morning.

Which version of FactorySQL are you upgrading from?

To upgrade from FactorySQL to Ignition, it is recommended that you take your current FSQL backup and load it into the newest version of FSQL (4.2.13), then make a backup of the project from FSQL 4.2.13. Using this new backup try the Legacy Upgrade.

That’s what I did. I installed the latest FactorySQL version on the same computer that I installed the Ignition trial. Imported the FSQL project into the latest version, made a backup, and used that file for the legacy upgrade. No worky.

I would not suggest upgrading directly from FSQL/FPMI to the latest version of Ignition. Once you have upgraded FSQL/FPMI to the latest version take your backup and restore it to an Ignition 7.2 version, 7.2.11 should be fine. Once you have your project in Ignition do a gradual upgrade to the latest release.