Legacy Upgrade keeps getting stuck

I am trying to import my FactoryPMI gateway backup into Ignition. The upgrade keeps getting stuck at the following page.

sometimes it will get the the word finished, but the continue button never is enabled.

I also attached my wrapper log.
wrapper.log (1010 KB)

Any chance you could send the FPMI backup to me so I could put it through the legacy upgrader in our office?

the back up is over .5 GB do you have a place i could upload the file to?

You can upload it here under ticket number #3339

300 MB max upload. my file if about 550 MB.


I feel like a luddite suggesting this but…maybe you should burn it to a CDR and mail it to me.

I’ll see what I can do about upping that limit.

Ok we’re increasing the limit. Try zipping the file too, that might help.