LegacyScripting error

i am continuously getting this error i dont know where to find. i dont have any tag in [default]NOW in my default tag browser.
please help

The problem is that you have a script somewhere that is attempting to write to a tag path [default]Now, but as you note that tag doesn't exist.

Based on the frequency and consistency I would guess it is a tag change script of some type.

You may be able to use the find tool to search for [default]Now and find it. Good luck.

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HI Irose,
thanks for reply,
i hev opened my all project and di find tool i couldnt find [default]now
actually we are having issue in gateway memory and cpu usage randomly and instantly spike and thn gateway service restart automatic so my all applications lost communication and it take 5-7 min to restore gateway and run applications
so i am assuming that could be the reason but not sure.
my gateway has 125k tags that could be also a reason to make it slow
i am getting clock drift waring too in status=> system=> overview

You should contact Support. It sounds like you have a lot of unknown unknowns right now. Support can help you organize your problems by severity and work through them. In particular, they can get connected to your live system, which is invaluable for troubleshooting.