Let's build an MQTT client module for Ignition

EMQ - The Massively Scalable MQTT Broker for IoT and Mobile Applications:

Make sure all these ports are visible on the EMQ Admin Dashboard. If not, may be another broker like Mosquitto, Mosca etc is running. Stop it and restart emqttd.

Step 1 — Setup EMQ(emqttd) Broker: (Tested on Ubuntu 18.04)

Download and install the latest stable deb version::

Make sure no other MQTT brokers like Moquitto, Mosca etc is running to avoid port clash.

Start emdttd broker:

sudo systemctl start emqttd.service

Launch the EMQ Admin Dashboard:

user: admin
password: public

Step 2 — Generate and serve dynamic tags from Ignition as JSON payload:

Follow this link. Download and run the “Ignition-IOT-Nirvana” demo project from github.

*** Make sure ignition_group1.php code doesn’t serve more than 500 dynamic tags as JSON api. EMQ broker ignores any JSON payload with more than 500 tags per topic. ****

Step 3 — Download this repo:

cd mqtt-ignition/
python3 mqtt-publish.py

Just double click and run “simple-mqtt-websocket-example-master/index.html” file. You will see all published messages on the browser.

… still working on JAVA-MQTT-PubSub client