Letter Head in Report Viewer

Hi all, I have a question. Now I’m a beginner in using PMI designer and trying to update a report that is written by another programmer. In this report, there is a logo (like a letterhead) and a table. The problem is that I want to show the logo only in the first page. I don’t want to show it on every page. now every page has letter head. Any Suggestions? Thanks

Just put letterhead stuff (logo, titles, etc) in the header row of the table. If you don’t already have a header row select the table and check Header underneath the Grouping section. Once Header is checked you will see a row get added to the table. Now you can double click in the table and select the header row. Once selected you will see the properties to the right for the header row. You can unstructure it and uncheck the Reprint when wrapped so it only shows up on the first page.

Anything outside of a table in a report automatically gets reprinted. You also have a footer you can work with.