Level Indicator and Scale Components

I’ve noticed some inconsistencies with the level indicator and the linear scale. These two components should work well together as it is a very common application to place a scale near a vertical bar graph.

The level indicator only has a property for maximum (capacity). It would make more sense for it to have properties for both a minimum and a maximum value as the scale has. You can normalize the level to work around this, but then the scale and the indicator are configured differently and this is less than ideal.

Another issue I have noticed is that the indicators on the linear scale are not in “engineering units.” If you set up a scale with a minimum value of 30 and a maximum value of 70, an indicator with a value of 60 will be off the scale, because indicators are located in units of max-min, so 60 is considered out of range (60 > max (70) - min (30)). If you want the indicator to show up at 60, you need to subtract the minimum from it and use a value of 30, this will show at 3/4 of the way up the scale. You can see how it gets a little confusing if you are trying to show a level indicator with a non-zero bottom value and indicators. You end up with three different active ranges.


Yeah, I agree the level indicator should use a min/max like the linear scale. Doing this in a way that is backwards-compatible will be tricky however.