Level Indicator Display Overlay


I was just wondering if there was a way to turn off the display overlay appearing on a level indicator if the level is is over 100% or under 0% with out using the clamp mode on the tag. I have a client request to see if this is possible. I have investigated this and so far there would appear not to be an option to do so and i just want to know for definite before I go back to the client.

Well, what I would do is just clamp the value through binding. You can bind the level indicator to the following expression:if({Path/To/Tag} > 100, 100, if({Path/To/Tag} < 0, 0, {Path/To/Tag}))

Then, if you need the “real” value or percentage, you can put that in a numeric display put on top of the tank.

I attached a window for you to play… umm… I mean research and develop with. :wink:
TankLimit.vwin (8.07 KB)

Thanks for that Guys, I am going to have a play around with that now but it seems to be exactly what i was looking for.