Level Indicator Limit Exceeded Overlay issue

Hi, I am using a Level Indicator with the Value property bound to a tag. If the tag goes below zero (negative) I get the Limit Exceeded Overlay. If I unbind the property and type in a value less than zero I get the Overlay as well so it appears to be part of the Level Indicator component. I need to keep the Overlay from showing. I have tried using Overlay Opt-Out for the Value binding but it does not work. Is there a work around for this?

One option would be to turn on Clamp Mode in the tag’s Numeric Properties. This requires a scaling mode enabled, so you could do linear and make the raw and scaled ranges identical.
Raw 0-100, Scaled 0-100

You could have a separate tag just for clamping, which the Level Indicator would be bound to. But still have the non-clamped tag for displaying the negative value as a numerical text field, etc.

You could also use an expression binding to prevent the value from going above or below a certain value. For example, if you wanted to force the value to be between 0 and 50, you could use this expression:

max(0, min(50, {ActualValue}))