Level indicator

Hello i started “playing” with ignition 2 days ago and i have found a rock in the way, can i customize the level indicator? i mean, i want to move where % is and the color of the filling at 3 different %. i hope its not a stupid question and i explained it properly in not my mother language. thanks for all

put this in the color property.

if (
{Root Container.Level Indicator.value}>3, color(*),color(**)


*=your color when the condition is met
**=your color when the condition is not met

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thanks that fits perfectly, only position movement left

What do you want to do with the position movement?

i want to move the Indicator to one side so i can see the % filled and have smaller board over the background level indicator. i’ve moved it for the screeshot, but it should fit and only show the circle being filled and have 3 colors, under 35%, from 35% to 80% and over 80%

attach the template here

cant do it because im a new user sorry

ok… you can insert two components of type level. one that shows you only the percentage and another that shows you the level (in the properties you can modify it to show you what you want). When you have both, you adjust them as you want by putting the percentage below.

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i think i got it, lots of thanks its being too hard to learn in a new language a new program