Level indicators

Can the data type of a level indicator be changed?

I have a level indicator bound to a process variable. The PV is of data type Float4. Min. is 0, max. is 2.5.

On the level indicator, Value and Capacity are (or at least appear to be) both integers. Capacity is bound to Max and rounds up to 3. Value is bound to whatever the actual level is. So if the value drops to, say, 2.49, the tank is basically full, but Value reads 2.

So even if my tank is basically full, the animation shows only 2/3 full. That +/- 1 gallon difference on a 200-gallon tank wouldn’t be a big deal. But on a small tank, +/- 1 represents 40% of my overall tank.

Thanks …

What I’ve done is rescaled my stuff to be instead of say 3units, 300units for the level indicator.
Gives you the precision you need and you can still display the ‘actual’ value using the metadata function.

That’s a good idea … I’ll try that.

Yeah simply multiply by 100 on the value. An expression binding should make quick work of this.