LF Edge synergy?

I'm looking at the open source LF Edge software and wondering if there is some problem is solves that Ignition does not (cannot) solve? Is there some synergy between this software?

Having no more information than what I gathered over the last 10 minutes clicking through their website...
It looks like a "LF Edge" is an ~organization with a bunch of different projects. One of their more mature projects, EdgeX Foundry, could be loosely considered an analogue of the Ignition gateway: https://www.lfedge.org/projects/edgexfoundry/

The group seems to like Go, which has some advantages and disadvantages compared to Java. They also seem to like a more "microservice" architecture approach, which, again, has advantages and disadvantages to Ignition's more "monolithic" nature. It looks like there are many common protocols they could share, so you certainly could have one of these projects act as an MQTT or OPC UA provider (I'm pretty sure) and consume that data through Ignition, or vice versa.

If you already have Ignition, I don't think you'd gain a whole lot from any of these services, but there's definitely some niches where these might be better suited because Ignition isn't well crafted. I don't see any real replacements for Vision, Perspective or Reporting among their offerings, though.