Lgnition opc-ua server

I’m trying to deal with tags from disabled devices or ones where we have lost comm. I’m using the freeopcua library in c++ to communicate with the ignition opc server. The subscription doesn’t seem to get any callbacks for status changes. When using the python calls within the vision module everything is tops, but externally I have been having problems. Any thoughts?


I’m sorry I don’t quite understand what you’re asking here - are you saying you don’t get a value change event when the quality of an item goes from good to bad?

Precisely, when the quality changes I don’t seem to be alerted to it.

Is your data change trigger set to value and status code?

I’ve overwritten both the status change and data value change functions, the attribute doesn’t have a value for both data value and status.

nm, I’ve figured out a way around it, either this library is in serious need of tlc or I’m just seriously using it wrong. So I need to override StatusChange, DataChange and DataValueChange(this being a combo of data and quality). I then need to handle all to make sure I get enough callbacks to make things function. If anyone has any other ideas let me know, but I’ve gotten something workable out of it. Thanks for the help.

nm my nm, it’s still happening, verbose logging was hiding the issue, so I’m still having issues. You said there was an official opc-ua cpp library, perhaps that will fix all these issues.