Licence from 7.8 to 7.9?

I have a 7.8.2 which has the following modules licensed -

I want to upgrade it to 7.9.4 so the version matches a sister production line that does the same processes so I can more or less use the same scripts on both.

Starting the update I get a

Will this affect the modules I have licensed and I cannot upgrade? Would upgrading this now require another license? I thought since this was all in the 7.X family it was ok but I am not sure now.

You need to check with your sales rep to see if that license is eligible.

7.8 to 7.9 is still a major version change.


Thank you will do.

Other than the license, some other considerations;

7.9.4 has some potential bugs, and a known security vulnerability. If you do bring this 7.8 to 7.9, you should really bring both of these 79's then to 7.9.21

7.9 in general is out of support since end of June 2022. Consider plans for an 81 migration


The customer is most likely not going to pay for a 81 migration. Can't upgrade the 7.8 anyways, we didn't have upgrade protection. So it's going to be staying 7.8. I appreciate the links. I'll see about bringing 7.9.4 to .21 but this line also almost never has downtime so it's hard to schedule.

Fair, 7.8 was never LTS, if this like the 79 never stops production then reading between the lines it's one of those customers that wants to run a continuous system, unsupported, then advise via email your recommendation and move on...

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Yea wild that they left 7.8 on this system since its not LTS. The 78 system is used once in a blue moon so it will never get updated I feel and the 79 system that runs non stop - yup you nailed it, one of those lol. I'll cover myself and move on.