Licence my custom module

Hi everyone,
i finished my module and I'm looking to make it licensed.
now i generated a "License Key" but I'm struggling with how to use it!
Any help will be appreciated

Your hook classes will be handed a license, if present, in the startup method. You must capture any information about that license that is relevant for the restrictions you wish to enforce, and cache it somewhere convenient. (Consider using static methods on your hooks to access static private fields with the cached permissions.) If a license is added or removed after your module is running, there is a separate hook method that is called. Have it update your permissions cache.

Throughout your module, you will need to regularly check your own permissions cache to allow or not allow operation. That would normally mean watermarking and/or substituting static values (do not throw exceptions). To be nice to your potential customers, you should be examining the trial status in the license information so you can work in the two-hour trial mode like IA's modules.


Thanks' pturmel For your help :heart: