I 'm tring to use Factory PMI , but I have not understood as the licencing works , I would have some doubts:

  1. I must buy one licence of F.PMI for any my customer?

  2. I must buy one licence of F.Sql for any my customer , or one single time?

3)I have already a software Agent that receives data from the field and store it in the database, I must use factory sql in any case ?




  1. You can install a demo version without paying. When you buy a license, it is per server with unlimited clients. So your client may have 10 terminals running the software, but you would buy a single license for this application.

  2. FactorySQL is also sold on a per server basis to your customer. Each installation that you wish to activate requires purchasing a license.

  3. FactoryPMI can be used without FactorySQL.

You might consider our free Integrator Program if you are a systems integrator. This entitles you to a discount on our software to mark it up to your customer.

Have you installed and tried the software yet?

I’m registered in to Integrator program .

Now I wait for more information about this.