License activation not triggering notifyLicenseStateChanged()


I figured out the licensing and applied a CD-KEY to my module.

When I click activate in the gateway, the licenseManager outputs to the log that it has received the CD-KEY.

I had assumed that notifyLicenseStateChanged(LicenseState licenseState) would then catch that the licenseState had changed, so I could then do whatever I want from there with licenseState.getLicenseMode().

However, the"{}", licenseState.getLicenseMode()) output never is sent to console, so notifyLicenseStateChanged() is not firing.

Is there something I am missing here? Tried looking through the forums.


Did you attach your module’s ID to the license? I’ve forgotten that before… :flushed:

Good question. I think so? In my licensing page I have this:

Try restarting your module and see if the license comes through on the startup call. Also look for typos in your module ID in either your module.xml file or in your license management.

My ignition gateway is in trial mode. Is this the issue?

Will I never get licenseState.getLicenseMode() == LicenseMode.Activated if the gateway is running in trial, even though I have activated my module with a CD-KEY?

Correct. You must have a platform license before you can use secondary licenses.

So then once I have the platform license, with getLicenseMode() only return LicenseMode.Activated if my module is activated? How does it differentiate between the platform and the secondary?

You buy a platform license from IA. It knows that it is a platform license. IIRC, the cheapest platform license is when you buy just the OPC/UA server module.

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