License activation problem

Hi, I am working in a project where we are using Ignition to create a SCADA. In the first place I worked with the trial version, then I was given a 3-month license and finally a full-time license. I installed it in the gateway without problems and everything worked fine. I went on holiday some weeks ago and when I came back into the project I saw again the 2-hours counter of the trial version. I checked the modules and all them were again in the trial version. I have tried to reactivate the license but it always answers “No activations left”.

I read in other topic that there may be some problem with the license format after the 7.2 update, but I don’t know if this is the case (maybe it was updated when I was on holiday, I don’t know). Thanks in advance.

Can you email us your CD-Key so we can grant you another activation? You may want to call tech support at (800) 266-7798.

Done, they have granted me another activation and it works again. Thank you.