License Activation

Hi ,
I have tried to activate my maker’s license generated in my profile but everytime I type in my license key and the token , the activation fails. I have tried to regenerate keys several times with the same result.
Would appreciate a way forward .

Maker requires internet access from your gateway. Are you sure that is set up?

Yes. I have installed ignition on my laptop that has internet connection.
If one doesnt have internet connection an error comes up and says that you need internet connection.
In my case it firsts says trying to validate and then it says activation failed.

You need to look in your gateway log (under Status in the web interface) for any corresponding errors. (Error 500 at the browser is almost always due to a serious error in the gateway log.)

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I have encountered this issue right after installation , so unless my license successfully activates I can’t look at the gateway status, i.e. I am redirected to the activation page :slight_smile:
This is what is saved in the log file after an attempt of license activation :logs.txt (11.8 KB)

Then look at the wrapper log text file.

attached it in the comment above

Not sure about the reason, but it looks like something is interfering with the SSL handshake between your installation at IA’s servers. Are you in a facility with an SSL proxy that substitutes certificates?

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