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I have an architecture as below. The equipment is just spitting out data onto the network. The system will require modules for OPC-UA server, Modbus drivers etc. For a redundant system what licenses are required to have a monitoring system with circa 700 devices (PLC’s, Meters, switches and MCCB’s)

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An Ignition platform license currently includes the OPC server and client, and several of the more popular drivers for $1000. The backup server would be $500. There’s no limit on number of devices or tags.

The above has no client support and no drag-and-drop history. The modules for those features are where you will spend $$$. (But you can script database storage if you need to stay cheap for just data collection.)

Try the “Build your own package” to get the trimmest possible license:

Keep in mind that the backup server license is 50% of the master server license.

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The Janitza PM’s can be polled using the ModBUS TCP driver. I standardize on them, any queries give me a shout. For panel mount PM as you have shown, I use the RM96EL.

I don’t recognize that PLC brand from the picture, what is it? IA has drivers for a lot of PLCs’, but not all.

I know this is a question on Ignition licensing but have you thought about your DB architecture too? Best practice is to NOT have it in the same bare metal or VM as the Ignition server(s).

Also, it may be a simplified SLD, but for added resiliency in your network, consider what would happen if you lose the link between SW1 and SW2 etc…

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Guys, thanks for the rapid response. I have used the builder to provide an estimate of costs for modules required.

@Matrix_Engineering The outline shown on the diagram is a very simple drawing. The reality is much more complex but I see what you mean on the architecture. I have 2 servers for the Primary and Redudant and a SQL server for the DB.
The PLC is a Schneider M340 which we have used in a demo environment to prove comms.
The network is shown as a radial connection but in practice we are running a radial connection back to a central comms room with a ring created at the patch panel for resilience.