License Disappearing

We just had a PC reboot (probably from a Windows Update or manually from an operator) and after restart, Ignition showed no license installed. What happened? What could cause the gateway to lose its license? An antivirus program deleting the license.ipl file perhaps? Hard drive corruption of that particular file? This wasn’t done by an operator because there was no “unactivate license” logged. The gateway logs simply show


The message means the license is present but doesn’t match the hardware it was originally installed on. Is this a VM? If so, did your IT group reprovision? (The details of what the license checks is not public–you may need to get your sales agent involved.)

Thanks Phil, this is not a VM, it is an Advantech Intel Atom PC running Windows 7 still. After browsing a few files and the Event viewer, I noticed Windows installed TONS of updates on that day everything stopped working and some backups were done of local files as well as a bootable USB with Acronis software was attached. I’m wondering if perhaps some network drivers were updated which caused the license to change or some Acronis drive maintenance caused some issue.

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