License doesnt get prompt to accept

Ive created a perspective module, ive signed it and updated the license.html page.

However when i install the module (the first time) it asks about accepting the self-signed certificate, but not about accepting the license…
The module is working fine once installed, in the configs when i go over “more” i can open the license and see its correct, but it never appeared to accept it…

Any idea why and how do i force the user to accept both? (also where do i delete certificate/agreements so i can try again on the same device xd)

Are you sure you’ve never accepted that exact license text for that module ID before? Even during development?

If you change the license text even a little bit that should change the resulting CRC and cause the license prompt next time you install it… can you try that?

Changing it did prompt me to accept it for the unsigned version, but when it is signed it did not :frowning:

Did you change it again before signing it? The prompt only happens once per unique license text.

Ah oke now i did prompt me xd
Weird i didnt rly change anything then, so it is working normally, however i already have the certifacte, im not sure it prompts when it also askes to accept that, where do i delete the certificate?

Certificate and EULA acceptance state are stored in tables in the internal DB called CERTIFICATES and EULAS respectively. You can delete the entries for your module id to “reset” acceptance states.

where can i find this db?


It’s also on disk at data/config.idb. It’s just a SQLite database. Don’t try to access it if the gateway is running.

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Thanks its working:D Seems ive must have tested it before xd