License in use; no more activations allowed (code=4)


used maker for some moths now, but after my server froze, and I rebooted it, my license activation fails with error License in use; no more activations allowed (code=4).

How can this be undone?

Thanks in advance.

Regards, Pieter

Happening to me too. Iā€™m able to delete the licence and re-issue a new one but why does this happen after a reboot. Any ideas?

Just wait for the lease to expire. Maker licenses are leases from IA's license server, renewed regularly. On Ignition shutdown, the lease is released deliberately so it is available on restart. But if the computer crashes, Ignition can't gracefully release the lease.

This is not the current behavior, though we're wanting to add this as an option during a graceful shutdown (to better facilitate auto-scaling scenarios, for example).

As it sits right now, when the leased activation session is created/renewed w/ IA license servers, the session is cached (for the associated 8-digit license key) and persisted to disk so it can be loaded/resumed on startup. @Chris_Kociolek, can you share more specifics about the installation of Maker that you have (OS/version, Ignition version, etc)?

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