License Migration

I’m sure this is documented but my searching has been futile. I have a license for 7.7 and I would like to upgrade to 8.0

What is the process for this? I am using a different hardware platform as well. I unactivated successfully on the old one, but I get an “Edition Mismatch” when trying to activate the new one.

Is there an upgrade charge or am I going to have to buy a whole new license?


An upgrade would be free if your original license still has active upgrade protection - if you got an edition mismatch, then you most likely do not have active upgrade protection. In general, though, I would say any questions regarding pricing are best for your sales rep.

In case it wasn’t clear, “Upgrade Protection” is part of the annual support contract. You would have this problem upgrading to 7.8 or 7.9, too.