License Question

I see a lot of posts on the forum and examples are based on factories for example using the Ignition software.

My company builds machines and every machine is a stand alone machine, they will be linked later on but for the time being they are stand alone, no connection to the oustide world or server.

If I was to purchase the “full works” package. Can i have a stand alone copy of ignition running on every panel PC? Or will I have to buy a license for every panel ?

Igntion gateways are licensed “per server”, where each server can run any number of clients. You don’t need to pay for client licenses.

Are the panel PCs connected to your machine via a network? If so, you’re probably good. Is every panel PC a “stand alone machine”? In that case you probably need separate licenses. In other words, you could configure each machine to be a single server with a single panel PC, requiring separate licenses. Alternatively, you might architect a “machine” to contain a server with many PC panels, requiring 1 license.

Its a tricky one as in some instances there are multiple machines (different machines but all have their own HMI) inside one building where one panel PC could run as a server like you state. Plus every machine is built in our factory then sent out to site as a standalone machine and we have locations all over the world.

In some instances the machines might be run as a standalone machine outside in the middle of no where in any country of the world, linking that machine to a server is impossible.

At the moment every machine has a Siemens HMI screen, project developed in Winn CC and then uploaded to to the Panel. I was hoping I could run ignition on every Panel as a stand alone ‘Project’, but if I need to buy a license for every machine then this might price ignition out of the running! :frowning:

I would contact your account rep. I think you’d have to consider what module licensing you require based on your machines and your setup. Have you evaluated a demo version of the software for your machine?

I will contact Myron tomorrow to discuss costs.

I have evaluated the demo version, I currently have it running on my test PC in our workshop accessing a Siemens PLC on the network. Im awaiting a touch panel arriving to assess its capabilities on a touch screen.

I was very impressed with the software, the ability to have the screen more ‘animated’ and the data logging facilities of in my case Mysql database is advantageous.

Thinking about it, to run this on a local server and one instance of ignition running and multiple clients accessing different projects is a possible risk, the machines are controlled through the HMI, to have any down time on the ‘server machine’ would mean several machines are down. In our line of business, down time can run into thousands, if not millions a day in offshore instances.

For just HMI/control ops, install Panel Edition on each one-- they’re free, but no DB access. If it needs to get onto a larger system, then you can consider connection to a server. That would actually give you a higher amount of flexibility and the option of vertical scaling, if necessary.