License timeout time on previously licensed copies

With the upgrade to 7.3, I upgraded my license on my backup server but forgot to do this on the main server at the end of the day. The end result was I came in the next day and none of the clients would run due to license expired.

This was quickly fixed but was not a great way to demonstrate the reliability of ignition when running side by side with our other SCADA systems.

This request is for a greater amount of leniency in the license timeout time for previously licensed systems. i.e. 50hrs notice or something (i.e. enough time to get through a weekend without being able to talk to somebody at inductive automation). So if there is an active license for vision V4 and and upgrade to vision V5 is done… the person will have a bit more time to get the license issue sorted out rather than having the system shut down completely in two hours.

I hope you think this request is fair.


We’ve discussed several times various ways to handle “emergency” type situations, mostly to get people through the weekend, or though the night, but have never come up with anything solid. It is something that I, personally, would like to see handled a bit better.

That said, I’m not sure I see how you forgetting to update the license has any relation to the “reliability” of Ignition… and to say that it “shut down completely” is not true either- SQLTags, Transaction Groups, etc., would keep working, and if someone clicked “reset” in the gateway you could just relaunch the clients. I know that this isn’t exactly end-user friendly, but I have to point all that out, to be fair :slight_smile:

Anyhow, your suggestion is one that we haven’t considered before, so we’ll discuss it a bit. In this case, you were licensed- but for an older version. I guess it would be possible to bump the demo time up when this was first detected, to give you a few days to react.


I appreciate you guys considering this.

We have ignition SCADA how to find license version and how to take license backup in case if we want to change SCADA hardware how to transfer license