Licenses required for reporting only

I have an operation station with FactoryTalk Site Edition and I want to add the functionality to create reports. I want to generate the reports with Ignition. I currently have a SQL Server database.

The question I have is about the licenses that I must buy just to create reports. I have considered the following:

Ignition Platform
SQL Bridge Module
Reporting Module

I'm not sure if I need to add Perspective or Vision licenses.

Platform and Reporting are the baseline. You only need SQL Bridge if your instance will be storing data. Querying data is part of the platform. Unless it is via the Tag Historian, but FTSE isn't storing Ignition-format tag history.

You will need to decide how you want users to get the reports. The cheapest would be the WebDev module, where you define an API to invoke reports with desired parameters and return the PDF content. FTSE might be able to use that within their platform. Perspective would be the obvious choice if you wish to avoid installing anything on the FTSE clients. Just need a modern browser there. Vision is slightly cheaper than Perspective, but you will need launchers alongside the FTSE software.

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I'll add to Phil that base platform + reporting can save the reports to file on a schedule, email users, or put them in an FTP server somewhere.


Yes, but that's only on a schedule. Nothing on-demand.

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