Licensing own module with my cd-key

Hi everyone,
I would like to protect my module with an activation key to be provided from time to time for each installation. If possible, I would like to take advantage of internal licensing as a secondary license.

Thank you.

You have 2 potential options for licensing. The primary is to use Ignition;s licensing system. The gateway can have multiple licenses on it, you just manage and maintain your licenses through Ignitions system. This is the way most developers do it today. You can impose time limitations this way as well.

The other way is to create your own licensing model. You will have to manage the lice cycle of your module inside your own code, however.


Thanks for response.
I am interested to use Ignition’s licensing system, but I don’t know how it work. :confused:
I don’t want publish, at the moment, on Module Showcase, is the licensing system indipendent to Module Showcase?
What is the best strategy to use licening system.