Licensing problem after upgrade to 7.9.12

We’ve recently upgraded 7.8.x to 7.9.12 but unfortunately we’re having troubles with the license.
We didn’t know we had to deactivate the license before the upgrade so we went straight and after restarting Gateway the server entered in Emergency Mode for 7 days. Then we tried reactivating it but it’s still failing to validate it, and we’re now in trial mode due to incomplete license. But the installed module are all licensed, according to the bill we received.

We’ve opened a ticket but we haven’t managed to find a solution after two days, and everything is complicated by the different timezone (we’re on CEST) so resolution times are even longer!
We’re in trial mode for more than 48h now and it’s causing great troubles.

Is there anything we can check on ourself, without waiting for Ignition support?


Call your salesperson directly for license issues. When the license is correct on IA’s side, and that license code is still present in your system, you then need to refresh/update the license, not re-activate it.

Hi, I have a license for rev 8.1.9 , can i download latest version of ignition and use same license ? the license was purchased on 9th may 2021.

Yes, that license will for for all of the v8.1.x series.