Licensing Problem

I have licensed an Ignition system with a “The Works” license.
However, I am getting a error which says “A license is installed but it only applies to some of the installed modules. One or more modules are still running in trial mode.”
The system still needs to be reset every two hours. How do I resolve this.
Please find a blurry photo of the screen attached.

Peter -

I bet you updated Ignition to 7.1 or higher, a couple of the new drivers need to be added to your license key. (Took about 5 mins for me)

If you give them a call or drop them an email they will take care of that for you.
Then you’ll just have to deactivate and reactivate your install.

This shouldn't be true. Only the unactivated modules will need to be started. Everything you see in that list should not be affected by the demo timeout. I just wanted to point this out, because unfortunately it's true that this situation pops up as we add new modules, but it shouldn't affect what was previously running. We're working on a way to upgrade licenses on the fly, but in the mean time, you'll need to call and re-activate.


This problem still persists, and the system does indeed need to be restarted every two hours. After this time, the “Trial Expired” message appears on all animated items in the client.

I have tried unlicensing & relicensing, both automatically and via file upload and download and nothing has changed.
This is not an upgrade, it is a new install, and this is the first license installed on the system.
My client is now looking to bring this system live, so I need to resolve this as soon as possible.

Is there any further information (from console and so on) that I could provide you with?


Further information is that the OpcCom module is running in trial (unactivated) mode.
Could this be the issue as I am using KepServer to access my PLC?

Yes, it appears that the OPC-COM module was not included in that order. Since today (monday, 5/31) is a holiday here, please call tomorrow in order to get things sorted out.


That’s great. I have this issue resolved now.