Lightning control

Hello, I was wondering if any of you as ever control lightning. I put Ignition in a restaurant and I need to control the dimming. I use Insteon but I have a few problem with LED. I’m searching something that will be compatible with every type of light.

Thank you!

For lighting control you can communicate to the Insteon Hub using their Rest API using Ignition’s built in functions like or Other lighting systems can be connected in a similar fashion.

Yes I already communicate with Insteon. The problem is that the dimmer as some problem with a few light and I’m trying to find an alternative for the dimming that can be compatible with LED. Any suggestion?

Nobody has ever control lightning with Ignition?

I find that home automation systems communicate really well with all the lighting suppliers with little effort, so I’d use as the hub to control the lighting and then MQTT to have ignition and home-assistant communicate with each other. It might seem a complex solution but this would get lots of connectivity, reasonably easily into ignition.

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