Limit Entries in Editable Table

I have an Editable Table in my FPMI project. I downloaded it from the Goodies section.
One column is named “Ingredient”. There are only a few valid entries for this column.
I would like the user to be able to select an entry from a list rather than type freeform. This will avoid typos.

Can I get some ideas about how to make a list box pop up when a cell in the “Ingredients” column is clicked for editing, and limit the entries to the items on the list?


The editable table currently doesn’t have an ability to do this.

You can do this more easily using the breakout-editing style of table manipulation. This is a common paradigm where you have dedicated input controls (text fields, dropdowns, etc) for each field and then an “Add/Edit” button that will either insert a new row or edit the selected row.

The “Dairy” demo project has some examples of this in the administrative section.

Hey, has there been any changes to this? I am looking to do something similar?

For editable columns that have the translation table feature turned on, they’ll get a dropdown instead of free-form edit.

How would one have the mapping’s be populated from a query instead of manually entering them?

One wouldn’t… :blush:

For what its worth, we’re aware that this isn’t exactly how people want this to work and are working on an alternative table for 7.7