Limit Perspective Session to single browser tab

@PGriffith @cmallonee Is there a way to limit a Perspective session to a single browser tab?

You can’t prevent them from opening a new tab to the project, but you can use the Page OnStartup Event to immediately send the new tab to a non-op page. Something like this in the Page OnStartup Event:

for session in system.perspective.getSessionInfo(projectFilter="MyProject"):
    if ==
        if session.activePages > 1:
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Thank you. I am running 8.0.16 and the Page Startup event option is not available:

You could manage the same functionality by registering the first page opened for a session in a custom session property, and then using a Gateway timer script to occasionally ping sessions and if the session has more than one page open you close any pages which don’t have the stored pageId.

Do you know when the Page Startup event will become available? The manual says version 8.0.16 but obviously that is not correct.

8.1.0. I’ll reach out to the documentation team to update the docs. I do remember that some documentation had been put in place because there was a mis-communication as to when that would be released - apparently we didn’t update everything.