Limit the amount of charachters in a text area?

Is there an easy way to limit the amount of characters that are typed into a text area? I could probably do something with scripting but i wanted to see if there was an easier way.

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crickets chirping…

Not sure I was prompted to take a look at the post but 5 years strong! There should be an award for “ask a question with no answers”. Funny part is I don’t know why I had the question in the first place

But there is an answer–you supplied it in the question. (:
You just didn’t like that answer, and nobody had a better answer.

For some reason when I logged in today this message was flagged. I forgot it was even there! So I decided to post!

Today, there is a better alternative, you can use the “formatted text field”, and let the format limit the text length.

I wasn’t around on these forums in 2014, and I don’t know if the formatted text field already existed back then.