Limit the information displayed when using the Tag Browse Tree

Hello All,
I am using the Tag Browse Tree in conjunction with the Easy Chart to allow operators to select historic tags in order to display only the trend information they require. I would prefer not to expose the entire tag tree to the operators but rather only those directories (and their associated tags) that are relevant to them.

Is there any way to limit the part of the tag tree being exposed?

Kind regards


Yes, implement the “filterTag” extension function. Your code will be called for each tag and tag folder in the system to give you a chance to permit or deny its display. This happens when the component is first displayed and any time you refresh it.
Be very careful in your code: if you do anything complex when you have a large number of tags, you can freeze your client for seconds or minutes at a time. (Don’t use any system.* functions that need to call the gateway for an answer – the round trip time will kill you.)