Limitations demo version

Im unable to write tags using modbus tcp devices on the OPC-UA Server
Getting the error message:
[color=#FF0000]“Error writing to MW_WORD_01.value: Gateway Comm Mode is not Read/Write.”[/color]

When I monitor the communication with the programm Wireshark I only see modbus read instructions and no write instructions

Can it be that this is caused by limitations in the demo version of Ignition
As far as I can see I dont have a option to set a read or write option in the modbus-tcp driver

I Have put a Image of the error message as atachment

Does anybody experience the same problem

Here’s a few dumb questions: Is this problem in the designer? If so, what mode is the designer in?

I PM’d you on this from our conversation, but here’s the “public” version. :wink:

In the designer:

Also, if you go the Project properties dialog:

Problem solved
The problem was in the Designer
I have changed the mode to read and write enable.

Thanks for your support