Limited version of Vision Module


My name is Thiri.

I would like to know where can I find the difference between Vision Module’s limited and unlimitted version.

May I know if Vision module is a must to add in in SCADA package?

Thank you.

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Hi Thiri,

The ‘standard’ Vision module is unlimited, which means that you are able to create/deploy any number clients without any licensing restrictions. Your best bet is to contact your sales rep to get info about limited licenses, but as far as I know (and excluding Edge products), limited Vision only means that you’ve got a limit on the number of clients you can use. Otherwise the feature/component set is the same.

Vision is a definite ‘must’ if you intend on creating control or visualization interfaces.


It depends on your needs.
Buy the Vision module if you need to provide an Ignition based User Interface.
My company has several Ignition implementations that run as middleware with no Vision module.
In some cases, we write tag values to a PLC which are displayed on an OIT. Users press buttons on the OIT which set values in the PLC that Ignition uses to take various actions. This method allowed us to take advantage of existing hardware for a quick start-up.
In another case, we are using the Ignition Vision module to provide functionality in a GUI that didn’t exist anywhere else in our MES or Quality systems.

Thank you very much for the information Perry.

Thank you very much. May I know what is OIT?

OIT = Operator Interface Terminal. Comparable to HMI = Human-Machine Interface or the no longer politically correct MMI = Man-Machine Interface.