Limiting Tag Historian Memory Usage

Hi All,

I’m looking for a way to limit the amount of memory allocated to a tag historian query via system.db.queryTagHistorian()… or at least prevent the system from bogging down if we perform too large of a query. Maybe it’s as simple as calculating the number of data points expected in the return and flagging the user if the return is too large? Or is there a more specific way to do this? I’ll include a timeout parameter for now.

Also tried system.util.invokeAsynchronous and this didn’t seem to help.

data = system.tag.queryTagHistory(columnNames=columnNames,paths=paths,startDate=startTime, endDate=endTime2, returnSize=int('DataReportSettings/sampleSize2').value),'DataReportSettings/aggregationMode').value, returnFormat='Wide')

timeout doesn’t seem to be working… I set it to timeout = 2000 and it gets bogged down at about 5 seconds still.