Line Animation Bug?

I’m just trying to have a line rotate to indicate where in the pie chart the progress should be vs the actual. It worked fine until I added a gradient to the line so only one side would appear. Now my X, Y, Width, Height, and Angle show ■. The line itself is invisible or missing I suppose…

Has anyone seen this bug before?

Has no one encountered this? How do I submit a bug report?

I don’t believe that you can submit a bug report, I think those are only internal to Inductive.

You could call support and see what help they will give you on the phone.

As a fellow customer, I would guess that they are willing to take time to look at it, to at least identify if it is a bug and get what they need to fix it. I hope they can help you.

Edited to add:

Nick is talking about Inductive’s customer accessible helpdesk system.

I believe the bug report system that the developers use is a separate internal system, but I should have still thought about pointing you to their official support page.

After you login to you can submit a ticket here:

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Thanks for the info. I’ve bookmarked that link.

I determined that there is a small case where my Angle expression could evaluate to DIVIDE BY ZERO, if the expression evaluates before the custom properties load. I added 0.001 to my denominator so hopefully this will fix it. I sent in a ticket to tech support anyway since it permanently breaks the whole object.