Line break in expression tag?

Hi i have trying to use the mousover cursor property value of an image to display 2 values using expressing binding as shown below. I want to do a line break between the two. i used '\n' but that doesnt seem to work. any ideas?

You could try starting with <html> and adding <br> where you want your line breaks.


Can you give an example?



Html line breaks work on most Vision components with text properties. What component are you displaying this on?

The thing to try when html doesn't work is \n

I just want to put a mouseover with the values of two tags, but with a line break.


Rack = 1
Voltage = 1.4

I understand that the text properties are interpreted in the same way as the Mouseover Text properties

I tested it on the mouseover text of a button, and it works for me.

Test Expression:

Property Editor:


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omg sorry, I was seeing the result only in the vision propertie editor and not in preview mode, obviously everything is correct and works... how clueless I am :slight_smile: