Line Interpolation problem on Time Series Chart - Perspective

Hello everyone!

I wanted to expose you the following question. I have the following Power Chart and Time Series Chart respectively which fetch the same data from a SQL db.

Power Chart:

Time Series Chart:

The question is:

  • How can i display the line in exactly the same way (i.e. without any interpolation) that is present in the Time Series Chart also on the Power Chart?

I tried to see the Power Chart settings but nothing to do…

Do you have any ideas on how I can do this?

Thanks to all!

Usually that type of thing comes down to setting the interpolation to Step After, or the tag deadband to digital if I recall correctly

@Adriaan.leRoux, maybe you meant “CurveStepAfter”?:

However there isn’t the “digital” Deadband option inside History tag section:


Yes, curve step after. Then where the deadband style says “Auto” change that to digital

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@Adriaan.leRoux, do you mean “Discrete” value?


Yes discrete, sorry for mixing up my words


I tried to do as you indicated but the Power Chart still shows the interpolated points and not “real” like the Time Series Chart does.

Power Chart:

Time Series Chart:

  • Any other ideas?

Thank you

Let me just make sure I understand what you mean.

The picture you have there has the powerchart showing the values like they come from the PLC, where the timeseries has them interpolated.

You want the - timeseries - like the powerchart, right?

Nope, the opposite… Power Chart like Time Series

Pens in the power chart are set up as min/max by default. You can change it in the pens properties. There isn’t an as stored mode currently for the power chart so if your time range is large you will get interpolation. Keep your deadband style as analog and set your aggregateMode to something like Average and you should see similar results. Keep in mind that data that was stored as discrete will remain discrete, new data will be analog.

Thank you. This is exactly what I needed. You just saved me a LOT of programming just to force it to do the same thing. Thank you.