Line Rotation

Hi all,

I need to bind a tag to a horizontal line so it will rotate from -0.0 Deg to -90.0 Deg. I am trying to use an expression but I can’t get it to work.
My attempt is as follows:

[color=#0000FF]if[/color] ([color=#BF00FF]{Damper.damper::FieldFB}[/color]<=10, [color=#BF00FF]{angleDegrees}[/color]= 9.0,
[color=#0000FF]if[/color] ([color=#BF00FF]{Damper.damper::FieldFB}[/color]<=20, [color=#BF00FF]{angleDegrees}[/color]= 18.0,

‘Damper.damper::FieldFB’ is a UDT property which ranges from 0-100. ‘angleDegrees’ is the property script name for the line.
I would then continue this changing the values as often as I need to, to make the line rotate at regular intervals.
BUT IT WONT WORK :scratch:

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Binding to the Angle property of the line:

if ({Damper.damper::FieldFB}<=10, 9.0, if ({Damper.damper::FieldFB}<=20, 18.0, etc.) )will get what you want… with a lot of typing.

However, it looks like {Damper.damper::FieldFB} is a percentage. If you divide that by 100, you can easily scale the amount of rotation: