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suggestion for an inexpensive device that will tie to the network and display an ignition screen on a 50" tv.

What version are you using? I would suggest a Raspberry Pi for v7.9. I’ve heard that there are some issues with v8 on a RPi, not sure if it is only with perspective or with the vision module as well.

Your 50" TV may already have a VGA or SVGA port, which is considered ‘Low-res’ by comparison to some HDMI modes. Many laptops will display19xx by 1024 pixels, which means that the amount of discrete points is about twice as good as some VGA standards- often listed as 640x480*. (*the resolution is sometimes defined with the number of colors possible on those original VGA monitors- not SVGA nor WXGA ). By comparision to NTSC ( regular-old-TV before digital- ) maybe twice as good. So if jagged edges are not a problem, you may be able to just add a USB or other device to the PC upon which you run Ignition. Just ensure that you know how far the cabling can theoretically reach without adding an extender device, and that the extra adapter added to the PC for a VGA ( 15-pin ) or HDMI signal out is compatible with your base operating system eg. Windows7. In other words, the most inexpensive device may network directly to your PC rather than through an Ethernet port. If you need the TV to be more than 50 feet away, an older (pre-owned) PC with a converter card may give you more options than the Raspberry Pi- yet it will need a capable display card and software. Much of the hardware ( such as the Ethernet and HDMI port ) is in the Pi, but EDGE is a part of the software that could be involved for the Pi.

Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Raspbian may give you some insight if you are considering the Pi. Edge is a scaled-down ( less capable ) version of Ignition, which may also help with that word ‘inexpensive’. In general- the answer depends on: where the display would sit relative to your current Ignition gateway(s), and what resolution you need. Without that information, an inexpensive solution might not work for you. Note that the Pi solution may involve some additional software, as in the URL (link) above.

From the OPs question, it sounds like they just want to run a client not host a gateway at the TV

I would have to agree that an Ignition Client may be all that is required. Maybe I could make the answer more clear as follows: ( Response keywords Inexpensive, Network ‘adapt’ , TV )
What we also need to know:

  1. Is there already a DB-15 HD VGA connector on both the TV and a Gateway -or- Client Machine that is nearby? ( Distances vary for VGA and HDMI connections with and without extensions ).
  2. If #1 above is already true- nearby, is the TV resolution and the machine resolution sufficient? ( Distance can cause some loss of signal quality without extenders ).
  3. When you say Network, are you referring to a 10bT, 100bT, or 1G type of Ethernet Twisted Pair connection or is there another type of Hardware and Protocol involved?
  4. Have you considered your time and/or programming abilities with the setup? In other words, do you want to program a Raspberry Pi or would a separate Ignition ( Client or Gateway ) PC be easier for you to accomplish the goal?
  5. Do you want new hardware or pre-owned? Whether it is a cable, adapter card/USB dongle, or microprocessor-based machine- this would be part of the answer.

The TV is not by a pc. The ones that are close to a pc, I use an HDMI cable. Just looking for something inexpensive to run the client on that would hook up to the TV with an HDMI cable. Can the Raspberry Pi run an ignition client?

Yes, it can!

What version Ignition are you using?