"Line with gaps" renders as dots

I never noticed this until one of my users asked why it was happening.

I have an Easy Chart with a number of pens on it with the render style set to “Line with Gaps”. Sometimes the line renders as individual pixels as in the attached screenshots. Zooming in with the mouse can sometimes cause the chart to redraw with a solid, continuous line. I’ve checked the data and there are no gaps that I can find.

Any idea why this could be happening? The obvious thing to do is to go in and change the render style to just “Line”, which I plan to do when I get a chance.

What is your tag history resolution set to?

They are DB Pens, so I’m not using the Ignition tag history. A transaction group logs a data point every 30 seconds.

The best way for us to troubleshoot this would be to somehow get a SQL dump of the data table for a date range that exhibits this information. Think you could do that? What database is it?