Line Wrap within a bound table

I have a table that is bound to a MSSQL table. Is there a way to have the text wrap AND have the row height automatically adjust?

I saw a few threads in other topics, but not for Ignition so I figured I would shout it out…

Thanks, and BTW this forum is one of the best features of IA product usage.

You can make the text wrap - simply put a prefix on the column, but there is not currently a way to make it adjust the height of that row. There is a way in scripting to manually set the height of a specific row to a certain pixel height - but this is a far cry from automatically adjusting row height to wrapped text. This would be a good feature request.


Thanks for the reply. I did attempt to add the prefix , however this did not work as far as I can tell. I modified in the taple property when right clicking the table in designer.

Am I doing this correctly?

You have to add the prefix in the row value coming back from the SQL query. So the query will look something like:SELECT "<HTML>" + Col FROM Table Hope this helps.